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Muong Hum Market in Lao Cai
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Muong Hum Market is the bazaar, bustling, boisterous, most of the mountainous district Bat Xat (Lao Cai) in Vietnam. Bazaar meeting in the valley beside the stream, flowing calm, enveloped in the high mountains, drenched in clouds. Market, Muong Lobster only meeting once a week on every Sunday. Market Muong Hum is the occasion to Ha Nhi ethnic group, Ass, Flower, red Island and international tourists have Vietnam visa to these gatherings, shopping, entertainment. So the market is always bustling from 7 hours until 1 p.m. new tan. From Lao Cai town, easy up, Muong Hum, can catch bus or car back to the way close-range 50km, including asphalt and pass pristine going just take almost 3 hours. To the market, the first thing attractive though, is a long row of horses enough color to be forced along the suoi Muong Hum. The horses healthy, whinny... When at the fair, visitors will not be able to take your eyes off the booth of every kind, where the presence of many cultures and ethnic minorities. Inside the bazaar, noisy, crowded, flooded with brilliant colors of the costumes of the young nation. The gowns, pink, the green of the Thai girls huddled around the jewelry craft silver. In another corner of the back dyed orange, blue of the dress. Next is the more casual outfits of the people with color master sword is indigo black, there points a few subtle, flashy most just towel hooded red the necklace, bracelet, earrings silver shiny. The stalls here sell all kinds of products familiar of the high as well as the private property of the nation. There are bamboo shoots, herbs plucked from the forest, the cloth woven, wool for to the food gift featured. Go deep into the bazaar, the cafes packed with visitors., Kháchà can visit to enjoy the gift area as high as horse meat, noodles, tomatoes, rice wine, dark da... Market, Muong Hum not only a place of movement, change buying and selling, but also the space to meet, exchange dating of left the nation. Bazaar atmosphere is fun, boisterous, makes people not want to leave.

Source: Du Lich

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